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Can it be this simple ...

The solution to your autoimmune illness is changing the foods you eat!

Published June 10, 2012  The Wall Street Journal  In the first major national analysis of diabetes trend among American youth, researchers reported an alarming 23% rise in type 1 diabetes-(autoimmune) incidence over an eight-year period ending in 2009.


If the occurrence of autoimmune related illnesses were stable or declining than it would be easy to assume that the solution could be found in the medical community.  However, autoimmune related illnesses are increasing among all age groups; subsequently, there must be something we are doing that is influencing this rise of autoimmune related illnesses. 

After spending years studying herbs and developing Sclero-Eze - a Chang Shan supplement and Inflammation T-Helper 17 ™ we have arrived at a junction in which we feel the undeniable truth is:

The Foods We Are Eating Are Making Us Sick

The medical researchers have identified the T-Helper 17 cell as the primary cell involved with the development and proliferation of every autoimmune related illness.  Furthermore, we now know interleukin 6 and amino acid proline are required for the T-Helper 17 cell development.  The absence of either would inhibit the development of T-Helper 17 cell formation.  In addition, excess proline decreases the inhibitory effectiveness of the febrifugine derivatives found in the Chinese herb Chang Shan.  These T-Helper 17 cells serve a very important function in anti-microbial immunity at the epithelial/ mucosal barriers.  The epithelial/mucosal cells line the entire digestive tract.  Furthermore, the surface area of the digestive tract is estimated to be the surface area of a football field, hopefully these dimensions help define the scope of the potential problems. 

The body can intake proline from diet or synthesize proline from glutamic acid which is a primary source. After identifying foods high in proline and glutamic acid content it has become apparent that a similar listing of these foods to avoid can be found in The Paleo Diet.

The Paleo Diet focuses on eliminating antigens foods; they accomplish this by using a different measuring instrument other than proline and glutamic acid.  The Paleo Diet is a hunter's - gather’s diet; a diet preceding the influence of agriculture.  The Paleo Diet excludes: milk and milk products, soybeans and soy products, all grains (including wheat, corn, rice and barley), legumes and shade plants.  While the Paleo Diet is restrictive it is nutritionally sound for adults and children; infants and young toddlers should be excluded or provided additional supplementation to meet their specific needs. There are now millions of individuals utilizing the Paleo Diet! 


The Paleo Diet is the closest representation of an autoimmune diet!


Unfortunately, the Paleo Diet may cost more than a typical diet.  If you are an autoimmune sufferer we encourage you to try the Paleo Diet for at least sixty days; the benefits will be undeniable.  There are various adaptations of the Paleo Diet, but Loren Cordain PhD, present the most accurate view of "The Autoimmune Diet".  


For your review Cordain's comments on the Paleo Diet,

Milk     Grains    Soybeans    Potatoes-Nightshades parts (1)  (2)  (3)  

 Legumes      Honey: the sticky truth    Calcium    Salt    calcium-salt-video

 Saturated Fats   fats-audio   Origins and evolution of the Western diet

The Paleolithic Diet and Its Modern Implications


Loren Cordain's Paleo Books:          

          The Paleo Answer                                     The Paleo Diet  

 Comprehensive  Intellectual    Versus      A Hands Upon Approach                                                                        

Consider buying as you may find there is a long waiting list at your local library!

 After Reading At Least You Will Understand Why You Are Sick.


Loren Cordain would discourage supplements other than Vitamin D and Omega 3 (non soy - fish oil).  We also discourage Vitamin C supplements.

"Good fences make good neighbors"... True?  Consider your digestive tract as in need of a good protective fence.  Simply stated: "Changing Your Diet may be the most cost effective way towards health and well being".  


Watch a 14 minutePaleo Diet Introduction

Watch 52 minute  - Cordain Interview on Paleo Diet 

Audio 45 minutes - Cordain - Autoimmune - Food Triggers

Watch 66 minute  - Cordain - Multiple Sclerosis


Caution  Pre-Existing Medical Conditions Individuals with conditions like liver disease, renal insufficiency, kidney failure or certain metabolic disorders like phenylketouria (PKU) may suffer significant harm by the high protein content in the Paleo Diet.  Discuss any planned dietary changes with your medical doctor before beginning any new eating habits.


We hope we have encouraged you to begin The Paleo Journey   


When reading a Paleo Cookbook remember, there are various adaptations of The Paleo Diet.  Many books are being written from a sport nutritionist perspective rather than autoimmune.  In the beginning seek to be a purist, by diverging from the path to soon you may miss the discovery that awaits you!  After you have mastered The Paleo Autoimmune Diet then you can slowly reintroduce some foods and observe your body's response.  See the link listed below for Paleo versus Paleo Autoimmune.  

As autoimmune sufferers ... avoid or limit the use of capsaicin spices: chili peppers, cayenne and paprika.  The excessive use of these spices will increase the intestinal permeability and decrease the bodys immune system first line of defense!  Many Paleo cookbooks utilize nightshade plants: tomatoes, peppers - all varieties and eggplants. Black pepper is not a nightshade plant and green tomatoes should never be eaten.  Avoid or limit the use of these nightshade plants including potatoes.  Limit the use of vinegar as an ingredient in a cooking recipe. Do not use vinegar in fresh sauces or salad dressing try instead to use lemon or lime juice either fresh or reconstituted as a substitute.

A Poor man's Paleo..... Paleo Diet literature has numerous references to grass fed, select cuts of meats, wild caught fish and organic fruits and vegetables; however, these food may not be sustainable for some families incomes.  So before you begin down a road of doubts and guilt in respect to your financial ability, a word of advice, simply do the best you can with what you have.  I for one, follow the Poor man's Paleo.  At the very least consider eliminating the consumption of milk and wheat (all milk and wheat products).


Foods You Can Eat- printable - (Paleo) vs (Paleo-Autoimmune)

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Would you recommend the Paleo Diet for small children?/ pregnancy?


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An excerpt from The Paleo Diet

An excerpt from The Paleo Diet

Lectins and Autoimmune Disease

My research group and I have published a paper in British Journal of Nutrition describing our theory that dairy foods, grains legumes, and yeast may be partly to blame for rheumatoid arthritis and other auto immune diseases in genetically susceptible people. Legumes and grains contain substances called lectins. These substances are proteins that plants have evolved to ward off insects predators. Lectins can bind with almost any tissue in our bodies and wreak havoc-if they enter the body, that is.

Normally, when we eat food all proteins are broken down into basic amino acid building blocks and then absorbed in the small intestine. Lectins are different. They are not digested and broken down; instead, they attach themselves to cells in our intestines, where nutrient absorption takes place.

The lectins in wheat (WGA), kidney beans (PHA), soybeans (SBA), and peanuts (PNA) are known to increase intestinal permeability and allow partially digested food proteins and remnants of resident gut bacteria to spill into the bloodstream. (Alcohol and hot chili peppers also increase intestinal permeability.)

Usually, special immune cells immediately gobble up these wayward bacteria and food proteins. But lectins are cellular Trojan horses. They make the intestines easier to penetrate, and they impair the immune system’s ability to fight off food and bacterial fragments that leak into the bloodstream.

Surprisingly, we have found that many common gut bacteria fragments are made up of the same molecular building blocks as those found in certain immune system proteins and in the tissues under attack by the immune system. This matchup-of gut bacteria or food protein, immune system protein and body tissue protein – may confuse the immune system, causing it to attack the body’s own tissues.

A number of research groups in the worldwide have found that milk, grain, legume, and nightshade proteins can also trick the immune system into attacking the body’s own tissues by this process of molecular mimicry. If you have an autoimmune disease, there is no guarantee that diet will cure it or even reduce your symptoms, but there is virtually no risk, and there are many other great benefits from the Paleo Diet that will improve your health.


Cordain Paleo Diet  Etiology of Rosacea

Hence, once these dietary ligands for the EGF-R bind the gut EGF-R, some eventually escape destruction in gut epithelial cell lysozomes and reach circulation intact where they can bind the keratinocyte EGF-R and cause increased proliferation and inflammation 

In regard to diet, the following substances also bind the gut EGF-R and gain access to circulation:

1. Wheat germ agglutinin (WGA) a dietary lectin which is found in both whole and refined wheat products.
2. Peanut agglutinin (PNA) a dietary lectin which is found in peanuts 
3. Tomato lectin (TL), a dietary lectin which is found in tomatoes 
4. Phytohemmagglutinin (PHA) a dietary lectin which is found in kidney beans and all other Phaseolus vugaris bean varieties.
5. Soybean agglutinin (SBA) a dietary lectin which is found in all soybeans and soy products, whose specifity is to one of the sugars in the EGF-R. 
6. Betacellulin (BTC) a hormone found in milk and cheese which is a natural ligand for the EGF 
7. Egg white lysozyme, a lectin found in the whites of eggs 


Finding out the GOOD NEWS

June 6th, 2012 -

FOX NEWs  - “O’Reilly Factor” 

O’REILLY:  "However, we have to pay — all the taxpayers — have to pay for an enormous amount of medical procedures in this country, most of which are driven by bad diet. I actually changed my diet. I’m not going to, you know, get into this.  But I actually knocked out all the wheat in my diet. All right? And I’m telling you, the difference is amazing. I was never chubby, but a lot like allergies stopped. Stomach — except when I have to come on here — stomachaches stopped. All of that — because I just knocked out the wheat. But if you look in your cabinet, everything is wheat. Everything."


- Toxicity - Wikipedia

Digestion and Immune Distress

Foods with high concentrations of lectins, such as beans, cercal grains, seeds and nuts, may be harmful if consumed in excess in uncooked or improperly cooked form. Adverse effects may include nutritional deficiencies, and immune (allergic) reactions.  Possibly, most effects of lectins are due to gastrointestinal distress through interaction of the lectins with the gut epithelial cells. A recent in vitro study has suggested that the mechanism of lectin damage may occur by interfering with the repair of already-damaged epithelial cells.  


Does The Paleo Diet Work?  Base on my own personal observations, Yes It Does!  If you are struggling with an autoimmune illness try The Paleo Diet.  It may be the doorway to exit this dark room.  

The herbal supplements Sclero-Eze and Inflammation T-Helper 17 may be used in conjunction with The Paleo Diet.  Also, consider taking vitamin D and Omega 3 -(non soy). Also consider limiting the supplementation of vitamin C.


Dr. Terry Wahls and The Wahls Diet.   She is to be recognized for her outstanding work on A Nutritional Diet for Multiple Sclerosis patients. 

As a supporter of the Terry Wahl’s diet I encourage you to examine her new book: 

The Wahls Protocol: A Radical New Way to Treat All Chronic Autoimmune Conditions Using Paleo Principles Paperback – December 30, 2014